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Our Story

Our journey started 8 years ago with a simple idea that at the time seemed unachievable. But through years of trial and error we gained so much experience that we can safely say that we have developed the skills and techniques that will benefit your business with its digital presence.

Hard work and dedication can only get you so far but we truly believe that what separates us from the rest is our eye for details as well as always pushing the boundries to their limits to achieve perfection. We have a unquestionable passion for our work and we treat every project like it’s our first.

Quality comes first! We make sure that every little detail is looked into. Our focus is 100% on client needs and satisfaction.

Our Team

Igor Glavas


With my experience in entrepreneurship I assembled the perfect crew for this unique opportunity. With our combined skills and expertise we will change the digital marketing world for the better.

Dario Glavas


Having worked with elit athletes for the majority of my life I can understand their needs like most people can’t. With this I have taken my experiences to try to help them grow their digital presence.

Andrej Matic

Web designer

I have always been fascinated with the possibilites that social media provides. With time I learned about digital marketing and web design. It was a long road but we have arrived to this point.

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